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  • Aussie Gold Products is an Australian based company with Agency offices in Asia and Europe.
  • We work hard to provide our best in our day to day business activities, and have created a highly reputable and dependable organisation, in both exporting and importing our products.
  • Our mission is to provide the highest quality service at the best competitive rate, whilst meeting our client’s requirements and expectations each and every time.
  • We are strong believers in building long term mutual business relationships with International Markets.
  • By working closely with our foreign partners and customers, we can gain a greater understanding of their requirements and therefore consistently deliver products and services that exceed and meet with their expectations each and every time.
  • So whether you are a supplier or a buyer who wishes to use Aussie Gold Products for the first time, we can supply the products that you need to satisfy your requirements.
  • Aussie Gold Products can solve your supply or demand needs such as Dairy products, Meat products, Canned food products, Beverages, Wine products and etc.

Trading Partners


Our Products

We import and supply a variety of products such as wines products, beverages products, canned food
products, canned fish products, cosmetics products and etc.
We are the best at what we do.

01 Strategy

Planning for long-term mutual business establishment.

02 Efficiency

High quality products.

03 Culture

Having common attitudes, behaviours and ethics with our esteem partners

04 Investment

With our vast network of domestic and global contacts in the resources sector, we invest in the proper channels to achieve the proper investment objective.

Our Services


Aussie Gold Products has been in the business of imports for a reliable number of years. Our import specialists are committed to moving your freight in a cost efficient and expedited manner. We often save our customers money on goods incorrectly classified. We provide full automation for all imports and clearance through customs.


Whether you are looking for internet tracking or request door to door handling, we can provide the service. Having the right company to Export your goods & products makes all the difference.


Aussie Gold Products is your import specialists and can provide you with the personalized service you expect. Our logistics department along with our network of agents, both overseas and domestic, can provide the pre-alerts for all shipments.


Aussie Gold Products provides an ever-growing chain of refrigerated warehouses and distribution facilities used for the storage of imported perishable foodstuffs prior to the payment of duties,export or after importation.

How we do it?

Communicate openly and honestly with all customers, vendors and employees. Always represent the Company with unwavering honesty and sound moral principles. Exhibit trustworthiness and credibility to maintain an unchallenged reputation. We put our Customers First.

Demonstrate to all our customers that handling their business well is our top priority. Understand customer needs and expectations and work to achieve excellent results. Treat customers as valued partners and ensure mutual success through dedication to our business relationship.

Treat everyone with respect and always relate to them with dutiful regard. Create and foster an environment that seeks people's involvement, input and ideas. Communicate with all team members to ensure that everyone is aware of changes and new information in a timely manner.

Strive to be "Best in Class" and provide a framework for continuous improvement. Refine what we do through consistent training initiatives. Accepting nothing less than world class professionalism from those who work with and for us.

Other services

  • Freight Solutions
  • Distributor Sourcing
  • Risk Management
  • Market Research
  • Branding
  • Procurement
  • Asset Control
  • Consolidation Services

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